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9 Proven Ways To Fix The Hormones That Control Your Weight

Our weight is mostly controlled by hormones which affect how hungry we are or how much food we really need. Hormones such as insulin, ghrelin and leptin are in charge of our weight and our hunger, and any kind of imbalance between them and other hormones as well will affect your body’s ability to lose

Lose 45 Pounds in 3 Weeks Only With This Recipe

Many people still think that Losing weight, tighten the belly and have a slim wait is just a matter of beauty. It is a fact that all those characteristics make many people feel happier with the appearance of their bodies, which is good, But losing weight is not just a question of beauty or proud.

How To Use Ginger Water To Lose Weight And Improve Your Health

Ginger is the root originated in Asia, which as a spice and as a medicine is used for centuries. It can be used fresh or dried, as an additive in foods or making various potions also. Although, this super spice reduces inflammation, swelling and joint pain in diseased osteo-arthritis and rheumatism. Ginger is rich in

How To Make Your Saggy Stomach Skin Smooth Naturally

Many women opt for expensive cosmetic treatments to get the looks they want. However, these costly procedures are not a guarantee that your body will look the way you’d want. They may give some results, but when you consider the price you pay, you can’t but wonder if it’s really worth it. A major issue