9 Home Remedies To Relieve Constipation

4. Honey

Consume 2 teaspoons of honey thrice a day to cure as well as prevent constipation. Alternatively, take a glass of warm water. Add a tablespoon each of lemon juice and honey to it. Stir well. Drink it on an empty stomach in the morning.

5. Fennel Seed

The fennel seeds are also extremely useful for dealing with digestive disorders and stomach problems. You need to put the fennel seeds in a cup and dry roast them. Also they should be crushed and then sieved as a mixture. After that, store the powder in a jar and drink half a spoonful of it with warm water on a daily basis.

6. Figs

Figs, being a natural laxative and enriched with fiber, help relieve constipation. Eat fresh figs with their skin. Or else, soak dried figs and 2-3 almonds in water for 4-5 hours. Peel the almonds and grind them with figs. Consume this paste at night with 1 tablespoon of honey.

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