10 Simple Homemade Tips That Helps Your Hair Growth Faster

5. Potato Paste:


  • Among all homemade natural recipes for hair growth, potatoes paste or potatoes crush is one really simply and easy homemade hair care remedy.
  • Vitamin A and D are richly present in potatoes that are essential for hair growth.
  • For the building block of hair, vitamin A and D are required.
  • Those people who are suffering from Alopecia can get the benefit of hair growth from potato hair paste.
  • This homemade mild remedy tip can be used frequently and continuously for hair growth.

6. Banana Mask:

Take a good looking banana and make it into a paste (without the peel). You can use a food processor for this, but a regular ceramic bowl and grinder works great. Cover all of your hair with this paste and then put a plastic bag over your hair. You want this paste to set in good, so use a blow dryer to help it set. You can rinse the paste out of your hair after about 20 minutes.

7. Curry Leaves and Coconut Oil:

Boil these two ingredients together and harvest the black residue that starts to form in the pan. Let the residue cool and apply to hair twice weekly to improve growth and reduce gray hair. Make sure that you don’t fry the curry leaves or you won’t get the proper resin.

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