5 Natural Cough Remedies

Do you know the one most common health problems that you are prone to? Are you aware about that one health crisis that equally occurs among children, young adults as well as aged people? The answer to these questions is Cough. It is one of the most prevalent issues that people complain about all over the world. To ensure that there is proper treatment of this discomforting problem, one not only needs to get a professional check up but also adhere to some home remedies that can help in fastening the results.

This guide is purely dedicated to some of the top 25 home remedies for cough problem that can be used for treatment of cough. Make a pick of 1-2 from the list and ensure that you use it regularly till the problem subsides.

Best Natural Home Remedies For Cough:

1. Honey Cures Cough And Cold:

Honey has been previously used in researches where children by the sole help of honey have been cured of their cold. Honey is said to have an antioxidant and anti bacterial property that helps you soothe an irritated throat thereby helping you relieve yourself of the irritation. One can either use honey directly or use it in the form of a lozenge. This is the best cure for kids and children since it is sweet on the mouth and fast on its work.

2. Holy Basil And Honey:

Holy basil also known as tulsi is an age old remedy straight from our grandmother’s where they said any sort of throat problem, be it itching or soreness, could easily be lifted and removed by using holy basil in a tea spoon of honey. Holy basil can be purchased from your nearby botany or simply from a local grocery store.

3. Herbal Care:

Use herbs in your everyday diet so that it can soothe your insides and at the same time help you regain your strength. Use herbs such as rosemary, thyme, parsley and even coriander, all chopped and diced into your everyday palate. Herbs are always one of the best and natural home remedies for cough and cold and which are very helpful  to your health also.

4. Brandy:

This is especially a remedy for the elders who suffer with cold and cough. Brandy cannot be termed as a direct cure for cold and cough, but a little warmth during this time would definitely bring relief to your congested nasal cavity. Start with a simple whiff that clears your nasal passage and then sip on a good drink.

5. Peppermint Reduce Cough:

Peppermint can be availed in the form of a herbal oil or simply by crushing mint leaves and adding it to your gargle water. Mint is a natural cooling agent and can cool the painful red swelling sensation in your throat while the opening up your congested cavities so that you can breathe in fresh and freely.

Common cold and cough is certainly something we have all been through at least once in our lifetime. A walk in the rain or no jacket winters often lead to congested chest and heavy cold. While doctor’s recommendation and known medical ailments cure your problems right away, you can always put your trust on some age old home remedies.