8 Simple Exercises To Reduce Back Fat For Women

5. Hip Twister Plank:

Having strong core is one of the most important things for any skilled athlete or runner, and hip twister plank is one such ab and back sculpting move that trains the shoulders, glutes, quads, upper and lower back. This is one of the best isolated back exercises at home that requires absolutely no equipment.

  • Begin in a forearm plank position and then rotate your torso as you drop your left hip to the ground keeping your abs engaged and the shoulders above the elbows.
  • Now, rotate your torso to the opposite side in a controlled motion dropping your right hip to the floor.
  • Stop in the middle in between rotations to gain control of your balance if required. Do 10 to 20 repetitions on each side at a time.

6. Push Ups:

When it comes to resistance training using your own body weight, there is nothing like Push Up, that can be done anywhere in the home and requires no equipment at all. It is one of the best exercises for lower back as well that gives quick results.

  • Come to the plank position with your hands placed on the floor, shoulder-width apart.
  • Now, lower your body towards the floor by engaging your back
  • Be in the bottom position for 3 to 5 seconds and the push back up contracting the chest.
  • Do 15 to 20 repetitions without any gap.

7. Elbow Kiss:

Your palms facing up, spread out your arms on each side at shoulder-height. Fold each arm at the elbow to make a 90 degrees’ angle upwards.

  • Then swing your hands while folded to the front so that they close in at the elbow, your forearms touching on the sides.
  • Slowly, get your arms in starting position. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

8. Wood Chop:

Grab a dumbbell or medicine ball. Stand with your feet shoulder- width apart and hold the weight in front of you with both hands.

  • Tighten your abs and squat, rotating the weight up and across to the left.
  • Now, use your abs to control the movement as you ‘chop’ down and across to your right foot.
  • Keep your body weight over your heels. Don’t let your knees go past your toes and keep your shoulders pressed down.
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