8 Best Exercises to Prevent Lower Back Pain

It’s no secret that today’s work culture is all about computer screens and work desks. Unfortunately, this makes it far too easy for our backs to build up stress and tension. This is where workouts for back pain come in. Often comprised of stretches and strength-based exercises, these workouts double as pain relief and relaxation.

To get the most out of these exercises, practice them on a daily basis. It’s the best way to truly eliminate back pain. You can also start slow and begin with three to five days a week. Over time, you will feel a difference. See ya, pesky back pain!

1. Lower Back Twist:

Lower back twists are an easy stretch to perform. These twists help with stretching your Gluteus Maximus muscles as well as your lower back. When performing this stretch, make sure to not lift both shoulders off the floor while you are bringing one of your legs across your body onto the other side.

2. Hyperextension on the Fitness Ball:

If you don’t have a gym membership and you’d prefer doing this stretch at home, grab a large fitness ball and lay on your stomach. Start by placing both hands behind your head and lowering your shoulders. Stop once you feel a full stretch and then engage your lower back, bringing yourself back up again. You can use this stretch as a back exercise as well by doing more repetitions.

3. Upper Back Extension Over Chair:

Begin sitting tall on an appropriate chair (the top of the back rest should end at the level of your mid back). Place your hands behind your neck and gently arch backwards over the chair, looking up towards the ceiling. Move until you feel a mild to moderate stretch or as far as possible without pain. Hold for 2 seconds and repeat 5-10 times.

4. Bird Dog Exercise:

While this exercise might look easy, it’s actually pretty challenging. Why it’s good: extending your opposite arm and leg out creates a force vector that moves diagonally across your back, challenging multi fidus to contract to keep your spine from rotating. This is an excellent exercise to recruit multi fidus & build spine stability.

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