9 Simple Exercises To Burn Belly Fat

4. Full Plank Twist:

How to do:

  • Start in the plank position with your feet together and your weight shifted back. This is your starting position.
  • Slightly bend your elbows and bend your right knee, bringing it across in the direction of your left elbow. Your hips should turn with you.
  • Return your right leg to the plank position and repeat with your left leg.
  • That’s one repetition. Aim for up to 3 sets of 10 reps.

5. Russian Twist:

How to do:

  • Sit with your knees bent and lean back your torso about 45°; you should feel your core become engaged.
  • Make sure your back is flat, straighten your spine and extend your arms straight out in front of your chest. Balancing on your tailbone, slowly raise your feet off the floor. This is your starting position.
  • Slowly and with control, twist at your torso, rotating your shoulders as far to each side as you comfortably can.
  • Turning from one side to the next is one repetition.
  • Lean back further to make this exercise more challenging. You may to extend your legs out further to counterbalance your upper body.

6. Jump Lunge:

How to do:

  • Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent, arms extended overhead.
  • Lunge forward with left leg, bending both knees 90 degrees.
  • Jump straight up, switching legs in midair, so that you land in a lunge with right leg in front.
  • Do 12 reps, alternating sides.
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