8 Effective Exercises To Reduce Butt Fat

5.Squat with Kick-Back:

This exercise uses all lower body muscles. It is also burns fat at the thigh muscles at a higher rate. And, balancing is the center point of this exercise.

How to do?

  • Stand on floor with your feet wide apart as much as your shoulders.
  • Sit to attain a squat posture by bending your knees.
  • Then kick back your left leg. Simultaneously extend your arms forward.
  • Return to the normal position. Repeat the same with other leg.

6.Toe Taps:

This exercise is also a blend of movements that works on hips, butts, thigh and abdominal muscles.

How to do?

  • Lie relaxed on floor with placing your hands on sides and facing up.
  • Take a pilates position by bending your knees and lifting up your hips.
  • Now slowly touch your left toe (feet)on the floor and then lift up.
  • Repeat the same with alternate leg and so on.

7.Step Up:

It is a dynamic exercise consisting blend of strength, power and balance. This exercise targets all the main muscles of body. You can do this with the dumbbells and barbell.

How to do?

  • Stand straight on the floor by holding dumbbell in your hands.
  • Now step up onto the bench with your left leg, your arms should be straight.
  • Now also step up your right leg onto bench.
  • Step down in similar manner.
  • Repeat the same process.

8.Dumbbell Deadlift:

This is also a dynamic move which include glutes, hamstring and core. It requires dumb bells.

How to do?

  • Stand straight and hold dumb bells in each hand.
  • Bend down holding dumbbells from the lower back and squeeze glutes. Hold the position.
  • Lift up the dumbbell and stand back up. Hold this position for 3 seconds and then lower the dumbbells.