10 Best Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Rowing hair and that too strong and healthy is desired by everyone. To turn this dream into realty an individual has to take good care by nourishing it with proper hair care products. Natural hair oil is one of the best hair care product that not only nourishes the hair but also moisturizes it. There is a huge variety of natural hair oils available and selecting the right kind oil speeds up the growth process and improves the quality of the hair also.

Essential hair oil when chosen wisely and applied correctly can do wonders to the health of the hair. The main stipulation in using the hair oil is that it works effectively only when applied or massaged on to the hair on a regular basis. There is a word of caution for all those people who have allergies or sensitive skin. Though using oils for hair growth is a common practice, one should consult a therapist or a physician before beginning the using any oil so as to avoid further complications.

Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Hair loss is a major concern as we age, and effective ways to help regrow hair and slow loss are greatly appreciated. Some products such as collagen supplements have been known to help. Whether hair loss is a major issue, regrowth is crucial, or hair growth is simply a goal to achieve healthy-looking hair, there are essential oils that will help hair grow longer and stronger. Here are nine(9) essential oils that are known to accelerate growth and also provide a healthier head of hair.

1. Cedarwood Essential Oil:

This oil is excellent for stimulating blood flow and boosting the immune health of the scalp. By preventing acne and dandruff, while also promoting the flow of nutrients to the follicles, it is no wonder that studies have found this oil to be capable of reversing some of the effects of alopecia.

How to Use – A common use of this oil, particularly for those with excessively oily scalps, is to simply blend in 4-5 drops with a handful of shampoo when you wash your hair. Do this once a week for a month for oil-balancing results and better hair growth!

2. Rosemary Essential Oil :

By stimulating the amount of blood that flows to the scalp, rosemary oil is able to stimulate hair growth and protect follicle health, while also minimizing the release of oils to the scalp, which will prevent pore blockage and invite infection. Basically, this oil treats both the symptoms and underlying causes of hair loss.

How to Use – One popular method of using this oil is to blend 8-10 drops with coconut oil or olive oil before vigorously scrubbing it into the scalp. You can keep the oil blend on for 30-60 minutes before washing it out in the shower.

3. Lavender Hair Oil:

Lavender hair oil is good to relax body as well as mind. It relaxes overall and thus promotes hair growth. Lavender oil is basically extracted from the flowers of the lavender plant. Lavender oil is excellent for preventing itching and dandruff.

4. Orange Essential Oil for Hair:

Known for its fragrance and natural cleaning activity, there are a variety of benefits of orange essential oil for hair including antifungal and antibacterial properties. Orange essential oil is suitable for those who want cleaner, healthier-looking hair. Use it to treat dandruff and scalp problems by mixing a few drops of orange essential oil with a carrier oil. Then massage the mixture into the scalp. Sweet orange essential oil for hair provides similar benefits as wild orange essential oil.

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