Few of us don’t know what exactly means earwax for our health.

We know that our ears should be clean for our hygiene but the earwax can tell us how healthy are we?The wax is a big combination of squalene, fatty acids, and alcohol.

Earwax is created by our bodies to prevent dirt from entering the ear canal but this also is created by our bodies to prevent bacteria.A lot of people know that earwax is only dirty build up in our ears.

We present to you different colors of wax and what they mean for you

1. Black or Dark Brown:

If you have this color of wax don’t worry ! Because this mean that the wax has ben longer in the ear or this is result that you have stress period in your life.

2. Dry, White and Flaky:

If you have this color of earwax you are health ! This is the best type of earwax and this mean that this people have healthy life and they take care of your body.

3. Pale Yellow:

This type of earwax is especially for children. In the early years of life our body produce more earwax. Don’t worry your child is health and this color of earwax is normal for kids.

4. Gray:

If you have this color of earwax you need to visit doctor because this color is unusual and our body send us an alarm that something went wrong.This should be result of natural cleaning process in our bodies but if your ear is itchy this should be eczema.

The next time when you clean your ear,take cotton swab and look the earwax.Now you know what is mean.