Doctor’s Confession: People Don’t Die From Cancer They Die From Chemotherapy, Here’s Why!

After 25 years of research a professor at Berkley College has come to a horrifying conclusion. This information is something that the cancer industry wants to hide and does that pretty successful.

Other stakeholders like the pharmaceutical companies and hospitals also get a lot from this hidden information and every day they try to convince people to go through the conventional cancer treatments.

The most common treatment for cancer patients is chemotherapy which is something that involves chemotherapy injections and toxins in the human body. That blasts the body with ionizing radiation and the science covers up the dangerous part of it.

The fact remains that chemotherapy does not work on cancer patients and it most definitely does not benefit them. Cases prove that people can die of cancer in a very painful way even and especially after they have had chemotherapy.

According to Dr.Hardin and his 25 years of researching the life expectancy of cancer patients, chemotherapy does not work nor will it ever. Most of the patients that he tested died a horrible death even after then have had chemotherapy. Other patients that had chosen a different path of treatment did not have the same symptoms.

“People who refused chemotherapy has 12 more years to live than the other group who had this popular treatment. People who agree to chemotherapy die within three years of their diagnosis and some even much earlier.”

This is a fact that the cancer industry wants to hide and because it makes billions of dollars out of the deaths of these people. According to the conclusions of this study cancer patients who have chemotherapy die much faster and more painful.

The sad truth remains that the truth about cancer and its treatment is utterly hidden and people are not yet aware about the dangers that come from chemo and the other ways to treat this terrible disease.